717-351-6300 124 King Court | New Holland, PA 17557
717-351-6300 124 King Court | New Holland, PA 17557

Old Becomes New Again in Boutique Retail Design

Custom Retail Millwork for Boutique Statement Walls
Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, New York

The team at Seven Trees is always in search of new techniques to evolve our craft. Our work with Irving Farm Coffee Roasters allowed us to explore the technique of ‘Shou-Sugi-Ban,’ a Japanese wood finishing method that literally translates to ‘burnt cedar board.’ Seven Trees burned the surface of the wood to char, creating a uniquely beautiful and durable finish for the shop’s floor-to-ceiling custom millwork.

We succeeded in taking a centuries-old wood finishing tradition and rethinking it for Irving Farm, creating a modern coffee shop experience through personal, custom millwork.

To learn more about how Seven Trees can create personalized custom millwork for your boutique retail space, contact us today.


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