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717-351-6300 124 King Court | New Holland, PA 17557

Custom Interior Doors

Custom Interior Doors Add Elegance to Any Business or Home

Custom interior doors are perhaps the most elegant touch you can give your home or business. Solid yet delicate glass pained door detailing adds just enough privacy to offices, bedrooms, libraries or dens while still allowing light to pour through. Sliding barn doors and French doors become purposeful statement pieces, adding character and charm.

At Seven Trees Woodworking we understand the importance that beautiful custom interior doors play to the overall look of an interior space. And our handcrafted, custom designs immediately elevate a property’s value, giving it a distinction and sophistication all its own.

Our custom design options can include:

  • Pre-hung Builds
  • Unfinished, Primed, Painted or Stained Finishes
  • Locksets & Hardware
  • Detailed Millwork
  • Raised Moldings
  • Glasswork
  • Stained Glass or Leaded Glass
  • Custom Trim
  • And More

We also take care of delivery and installation, fully serving our customers from the beginning of the design and concept phase through to the final fitting of your custom interior doors. Or we can deliver your doors for your contractor to install – the choice is yours.

We have the tools, experience, and expertise to handle just about any door design, from authentic historical replicas to high-end custom new construction, remodeling projects, and everything in between. And, matching new passageway doors to existing doors is no problem. We work with owners as well as designers, architects, and builders, serving as the project managers who make the process seamless and enjoyable with beautiful end results.

Many aspects of what we do at Seven Trees set us apart from other custom door manufacturers. But, it’s our superior construction and joinery methods that truly put the quality of our doors in a category all their own. Many of our custom passageway doors are constructed using two 5-inch long by 5/8-inch diameter dowels in each rail, far exceeding the industry average. It’s the size and length of the dowel joint that gives a door its structural integrity.

In addition, we offer upgraded Mortise and Tenon joints. This method lends more glue surface area compared to others, making the fit that much stronger for additional peace of mind in high traffic passageways. But rest assured that both of our joinery methods create a level of quality that you can see and feel.

We deliver and install doors throughout the Mid Atlantic region, and we ship our custom doors nationwide for installation by your contractor. Contact us to learn more and get started.

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